American Country Bed and Breakfast

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho — Enjoy Romance in Style

By JOHN SMITHERS of the Missoulian April 14, 2006

COEUR d'ALENE, Idaho - Finding a good bed-and-breakfast is a little like combing through a dusty attic.

Sometimes you'll come across expensive mistakes; other times you'll find a hidden treasure.

The American Country Bed and Breakfast just west of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, definitely falls into the latter category.
Proprietors Brian and Shar Scott, who know a thing or two about treasure hunting, opened their couples-only B&B in November of 2005.

Their elegant home features three cozy bedrooms, all with private baths. Each room has a theme of its own, with style that would make an interior decorator drool.

The Big Sweet is the featured room, with a whirlpool tub for two, romantic fireplace and king-sized bed. There is also the Holidaze, which is decorated to match the season, and the Greenery, a stunningly beautiful room of vines and whimsy.

The decorative touch is all Shar's, according to Brian, and it's brought more than one offer to work professionally, he says.

Throughout the house, particularly in the country store-themed grand room, the couple's gorgeous antique collection is featured.

Both are knowledgeable and avid antique hounds, and are more than willing to share the fascinating stories behind each of the hundreds of artifacts around their home.

Shar also serves as breakfast chef, with Brian the able waiter.

And you won't want to miss breakfast.

Light pastries with fruit, crisp honey-cured bacon or sausage and a wide selection of coffee, tea and juice are just a few of Shar's offerings.

Among the special events featured at American Country are afternoon teas, wedding and family reunion packages, as well as separate spa-jamma parties for couples and ladies only.

The Scotts' first spa-jamma party for women in February was a big success, they said. It featured a table massage, paraffin hand and foot dip, foot bath and massage, face mask and hair mask by licensed technicians.

"I couldn't resist," Brian said. "I had to get on the table and have a massage of my own."

The couple are also well-versed in the local restaurant scene, and are quick to point you to their favorites, depending on your taste and the depth of your wallet.

Best of all, the Scotts manage to walk the fine line of being gracious hosts without intruding too much or disappearing when you have a question.

In the end, however, it was the feeling of honest friendship from Brian and Shar that made the experience at American Country Bed and Breakfast stand out.

And that is the best treasure of all.
American Country Bed & Breakfast     |     705 S. Zircon Lane Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814     |      208-651-2191